Are you Coachable?

To be a good coach to others, it is necessary to be extremely coachable yourself.  Many managers or leaders think they are “coachable” when in reality they are not.

Rate yourself as “extremely coachable” if you can give yourself a 10 (with 10 being the best in a 1-10 scale) on the following attributes:

  • How much do you operate from a passion for learning and growth that supersedes the desire to look good?
  • How well do you demonstrate the capacity to “live in the question”, in other words to be in an “inquiry”?
  • How much do you invite feedback and really listen to it?
  • How often do you request coaching and apply it to achieve breakthroughs in your personal or professional effectiveness?
  • How well do you demonstrate the ability and the willingness to give up “being right”, take responsibility and quit making others wrong in the face of breakdowns?
  • How good are you at operating from an unwillingness to accept “reasons” in place of results?

How well did you do?  If you scored between 8-10  on most of the attributes, then you are very coachable.  Being more coachable means you are more open to feedback, learning and development – all important to your success and effectiveness.  If you have lower self-ratings, I invite you to consider how you can raise them.