Always Working – When to Turn Off from our Mobile World

Are you one of those people who check your messages while walking down the street?  Or worse yet, while driving? Do you intercept messages while at dining with your family?  Are you unable to “unhook” when you are on vacation? A recent article in USA today (March 7, 2013) made me think about the cost that our 24/7 hour mobile world has on our personal lives. The article says “tablets and smartphones can be liberating but also enslaving….for millions, access to work simply means pulling an IPhone or Android out of a pocket – which explains why nearly two-thirds of US employees work even during their vacations, according to the consulting firm Accenture.”

Are you overwhelmed and tired of being plugged in 24/7? Here are some tips for reclaiming some personal time:

  • Turn off your phone for 24 hours. If you have trouble with this, just go on a 24 hour excursion somewhere where there is a really poor Wi- Fi connection. (Yes, there are still a few places around.)
  •  If 24 hours seems too steep, at least plan to turn your phone off for a few hours each week so you can feel what it is like to “unhook” for an afternoon with family, friends or just alone time.
  •  Combine your unhooked time with something really good for your mind, body or soul – like exercising, meditating or visualizing your desired future.

Follow this link, for the complete article from USA Today, “Always Working”: